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Overview of NDIS for Brolly Sheets

The Australian Federal Government has created the NDIS as a new way of supporting people with disabilities. Broadly the aim is to empower People With Disabilities (PWD) to be more in control of the products and services that they require to live their lives. The scheme is being rolled out across Australia between 2016 and 2019 and you can find detailed information on the NDIS website. This article assumes the you are familiar with scheme in general terms.

Brolly Sheets is a registered NDIS provider. This means that we can provide our range of waterproof protection for bedding, furniture and clothing to participants in the scheme. 

The short version is that ordering Brolly Sheets products is a easy ABC!




Each participant (the term used to describe PWD in the scheme) will have a plan that describes goals or outcomes from the plan and the necessary supports required to reach those goals.  For some participants management of a continence need will be included as part of their plan.  Your plan will then contain funding to purchase the services, aids and equipment which have been assessed as required, from the providers (the term used to describe companies and people that work with participants) of your choice.


Who uses Brolly Sheets products

The Brolly Sheets range of products are currently being used by people for a range of reasons, for example; Cerebral Palsy, Autism Spectrum, Spinal Injuries, Brain Injuries, Motor Neurone disease Bladder and Bowel cancers.


How much will the NDIS pay?

Funding is allocated by NDIS on an annual basis.  For single use products like catheters, leg sheaths, pads and diapers the NDIS Price Guide contains standardised packages. Brolly Sheets products are not single use and generally fall under the category of “non-body-worn washable products for absorbing urine and faeces”. To ensure that you have adequate budget in your plan we are happy to discuss your needs prior to the planning process.       


How many products will I require?

We think that re-usable products a little like insurance policies.  You want to ensure that you have enough to always be covered.  For example, if you are replacing a one during the night, then you may need a third one to give you cover while the laundry cycle is being completed.  U


Do I need a quote for my annual supply?

To ensure that you have adequate budget in your plan we are happy to discuss your needs prior to the planning process.      And yes we can provide a quote if you require one. 

Can I use my NDIS funding to buy Brolly Sheets products?

Yes you can. Brolly Sheets is a registered NDIS provider.


I have an approved NDIS plan - how do I buy Brolly Sheets products?

How you purchase from us depends on who manages the consumables portion of your plan:

1. The NDIA are managing my funds

Please call 1800 809 847, email us or you can place an order directly on website. We will need to know your NDIS reference number. We will make a service booking in the NDIS portal for you .  Once the NDIS approves the Service Booking, we will despatch the goods to you and invoice the NDIS. We will also provide you with a copy of your invoice for your records.

2. My funds are managed by a service provider

Please call 1800 809 847, email us or you can place an order directly on website.  You’ll need to let us know the name and email address and billing details of your service provider. We will set up an order for you and send the invoice to your service provider. Once your service provider pays us, we will ship the goods to you.


3. I am managing my own funds

Being self funded means that you can go ahead and place orders as normal, ie, online, by phone or email, and pay at the time using your credit card. You will then need to submit your invoice to the NDIA for reimbursement.