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Please read the questions and answers below, or contact us if you can't find the answer you are looking for.

Questions about Brolly Sheets products

How much liquid do they hold?
Brolly Sheets hold just under 2 litres of liquid.

How do Brolly Sheets work?
Because Brolly Sheets lie on top of your normal bottom sheet, after an accident you just need to whip off the Brolly Sheet and replace with another. This means you do not need to strip the entire bed and start again and you can gain that extra beauty sleep!
Do I need to wash my Brolly Sheet before using it?
Yes, we recommend you wash your Brolly Sheet before you use it. Your Brolly Sheet will stand up to repeated washes in cold or warm water, you can just throw them in with a normal load. You can tumble dry them on low heat. Do not iron and do not use fabric softeners.
How many Brolly Sheets do I need?
We recommend 2 as a good start then you always have a clean one to use as a replacement in the middle of the night. Most people who buy one come back and buy a second - so it's cheaper on postage to buy two at once. It's great to have extras if you are going away for several nights or have more than one child toilet training. Why not leave one at Grandma's house?
Do Brolly Sheets come in different sizes?
Yes, Brolly Sheets are available in Single, King Single, Double and Queen (This is also known as king size in other countries). Single and King Single Brolly Sheets are available in blue, pink, lime, red and white. Double is available in blue and white and Queen bed size are available in white, pink and blue.

Can I use a Brolly Sheet on a Toddlers Bed?
Yes you can use one of our Single Brolly Sheets – you can either use it width ways and have extra fabric to tuck in, or you can turn it length ways and have it head to foot for a longer fit.

Can I use an electric blanket with my Brolly Sheets waterproof products?
We recommend that you don’t expose any of our waterproof products to high levels of heat such as an electric blanket or high settings on your washing machine and dryer. The reason for this is that the heat can cause the waterproof layer to break down resulting in leaking and in some cases an internal melting or bunching of the fabric. Also, exposing an electrical device to liquids can be a safety hazard.

Size guide and care instructions

For more information on sizes and care instructions for all Brolly Sheet products click here.

I have Cerebral Palsy vouchers, how do I go about placing my order?
If you have Cerebral Palsy vouchers you just place your order as normal through our website. When it comes to selecting your payment method, select ‘cheque’. This will bring up our postal address, you then just post the vouchers to us and as soon as we receive them we will ship out your order.