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Trust Brolly Sheets For
a Better Nights Sleep
A Brolly Sheet is a 100% soft cotton topped waterproof bed pad with tuck in wings to hold it in place. Quiet and breathable. Super absorbent holding up to 2 litres. Fabulous range of colours.
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Brolly Sheets stylish, functional and comfortable waterproof bedding.
NZ $49.95
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washable colors cotton breath
Nocturnal enuresis (also known as bedwetting) has practical effects on peoples lives.
Common causes in adults are loss of bladder muscle control bought about by urinary tract stones.
It can affect trips away from home, holidays and sleeping patterns.

Enjoy no noise, no heat build-up & no sweating
that comes with traditional bed wetting solutions.
No more stripping a wet bed.
Get back to sleep faster.
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Urinary Tract Stones

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