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Prefolds - 6 Pack
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Prefolds - 6 Pack

“Here’s a little something to think about … If you were to simply swap 3 disposable diapers a day with our easy to use Prefold cloth nappies, you would SAVE MONEY, over $500 dollars a year & SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT, over 1000 disposable diapers from landfill!”

Our Prefold cloth nappies are made of gorgeous, soft, super absorbant cotton. They are layered for extra protection and increased effectiveness! They are very easy to wash and dry compared to other styles of nappies. They fit perfectly inside a Snazzipants Waterproof Cover. 


Fold the nappy and place it into a Snazzipants Waterproof Cover.

There is NO need to change the cover unless its soiled, just place another Prefold nappy back inside the cover. It really is that easy! The high quality design of our prefolds to keep the wetness and messes where they belong is what makes them so economical as you don't need as many covers!  

To prevent leaks, ensure that the prefold is completely tucked inside the cover around the legs and tummy. You may want to try using a Snappi to secure the prefold if your baby is still at the runny poo stage. 

When you receive your prefolds, they will look quite flat and smooth. Wash 3 times before you use them and they will quilt up. The more you use them, the more absorbent they become!

“Just a thought … You may also choose to add a flushable liner, which can be used on any of our nappies to make those extra pooey ones a breeze to wash.” 


There are various ways of folding your nappies, we have chosen the three easiest & most effective ways to show you! It really is EASY & just a matter of experimenting to see which fold suits your baby best. 



  1. Super easy to wash
  2. Fast drying
  3. Very affordable
  4. Layered get the absorbency where you need it
  5. You need to fold after laundering
  6. You don't needs pins or a Snappi – unless you want to use the ‘Angel fold’ for those explosive, young baby poos.

“Prefolds are definitely the most economical way of using cloth nappies!”

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