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Diabetic Cushion Socks
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Diabetic Cushion Socks

TXG Cushioned Socks for Diabetics have been specially designed for the special needs of those suffering from all stages of diabetes or recovering from illness or injury.These luxuriously soft, cushioned socks are compression free, feature a non-binding top so the sock won't cut into your leg. They are odour resistant and have handlinked seams which reduce any irritation. These warm diabetic socks are so soft, and comfortable that we call them "Guardian Angels for your feet".

These lovely warm diabetic socks contain acrylic, nylon and lycra. The acrylic is a synthetic fiber which is antibacterial, which means that the socks don't trap odour causing bacterial, so you won't get smelly feet.

The acrylic is non-allergenic so it isn't likely to cause an allergic reaction. It provides excellent insulation to create a warm sock without being heavy and bulky.

It is also easy to clean and quick to dry.

The TXG Cushioned Socks for Diabetics are perfect for you if you're looking for a comfortable, lightweight, warm diabetic sock which is ideal for wearing everyday to keep your feet toasty warm.

Benefits of Diabetic Cushion Socks:

  • Helps protect your feet from injury and infection

  • Keeps your feet warm

Features of TXG Diabetic Cushion Socks:

  • Non-binding top band expands and eliminates pressure points

  • The toe seam is skilfully sewn by hand linking. This creates a seamless, smooth, comfortable toe cage which prevents chaffing

  • 3D toe and heel design provides more room for comfort and extra strength for durability

  • Special weaving process allows the sock to stretch up to 22cm providing a snug fit with no pressure points and no slippage

  • Cushioned, padded sole provides comfort and reduces pressure points, pain and blisters

  • Instep ventilation design provides extra comfort

  • Easy to clean and non allergenic

Fabric Blend:

  • 84% Acrylic, 8.5% Nylon, 7.5% Spandex (Lycra®)

Available Graduated Compression Levels:

  • Compression Free (0mmHg)

Colour choices:

  • White - this means that if you develop any wounds on your feet, it becomes noticeable immediately and you can seek medical attention

Sizes available:

  • M (foot length 21-24cm)

  • L (foot length 24.5-27cm)

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