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G Tube Pads  5 pack
NZ $24.95



G Tube Pads 5 pack

Made in New Zealand, each GTube Pad is made of two super soft layers of bamboo on top of a cotton pattern without any threads around the tube. One size for both, adults and children. 

Give a confidence booster

Each SENSITIVE GTube Pad measures around 7cm and is backed with high-quality bamboo velour and can be machine washed.

Please note design and position of the pattern may vary as these are handmade.


We call these “sensitive” G Tube pads as they do not have the heavy overlocking stitching round the edges.  This makes for a more “flat” feeling against the skin.   However – this does mean the edges may start to fray after time.  Please do not pull any threads but cut with scissors. 


Easy to use:

  • Place pad around and under the edge of the “button” and snap close. 
  • No more buying , cutting and using medical gauze
  • You no longer need sticky tape to irritate sensitive skin.


  • Absorbs leaks
  • Keeps the wearer dry and comfortable
  • Less need to change and wash clothing due to leakage.
  • Washable and use over and over
  • Good for the environment

During use:

  • Always keep skin clean and dry
  • Change pads when it becomes wet or soiled
  • Never allow a wet dressing to remain in contact with the skin.

Care instructions

Machine wash with a mesh bag or hand wash.  Dry flat.  Do not tumble dry.  If fraying occurs, try not to pull the threads but cut them with scissors instead.


Top:  printed cotton

Middle:  bamboo fleece

Bottom layer: bamboo veloir.

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