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Waterproof Duvet Protector
NZ $49.95

Waterproof Duvet Protector

Waterproof Duvet Protector


  • Soft, breathable and waterpoof
  • Slips over the doona/duvet inner
  • Mesh corners add more breathability and allow water to drain easily during washing
  • Saves washing the doona/duvet inner after an accident
  • Not absorbent - just waterproof
  • Place on bed with mesh corners and zipper facing up.
In fact - these are so lovely to sleep under and look so great  - you can forget your outer cover and just use ours. 

We recommend that if you have a regular wet duvet, to use your patterned casing cover as a flat cover on top of the doona/duvet protector.

If you do decide to put both the duvet protector with the duvet inside into a patterned casing, you can just pin the corners of the inner and the waterproof protector together. It is then easier to get the duvet and duvet protector out of the outer patterned cover and will keep it from moving around.

Single:  140 x 210 cm
King Single: 160 x 210 cm
Double: 180 x 210 cm

King Single / Double Composition:
100% cotton top. Backed by 100% polyester backed polyurethane.  Zip down one side.

Care instructions:
Cold or warm machine wash.  Line dry or tumble dry on low.  Do not iron or dry clean.  Do not bleach or use with fabric softeners.

Care and maintenance note:  Our duvet covers are designed to protect your duvet from liquids, so they are in essence a large waterproof ‘bag’.  When your duvet cover is laundered in a washing machine, water will invariably seep internally through the zip closure and not escape through the waterproof barrier. You may therefore find it necessary to reverse the liner (by turning it inside out) and carrying out another spin cycle.  If a large amount of water enters the duvet cover, this may affect the balance of your washing machine during a spin cycle, so you might find it necessary to manually drain the water from the duvet liner before commencing the spin cycle.

Product Review

There are: 1 reviews, with an average rating of 5.0 out of 5
My son has a feather duvet and after a couple of wee accidents on his old one, I wanted something that would completely protect his new one. My son's night nappy is inadequate or somehow leaks just about every few nights so the waterproof duvet cover has been a lifesaver for me. I think the waterproof cover does make him hotter than it would without, but it's saved my sanity!
Posted by Michelle on 2017-03-31 13:54:13

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