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Past Testimonials

"I just wanted to let you know that I purchased 2 brolly sheets, 1 pillow protector and a mattress protector from you about 6 months ago...they are 41/2 year old is pretty much toilet trained at night and if he doesn't quite make it the brolly sheet saves me from washing the rest of the bed 9 times out of 10!! much better than a similar product I have tried as they are larger and much better looking and they wash soooo easily. Thanks heaps...looking forward to toilet training my 2 year old!"
Frances, VIC, Nov 2009

Dear Diane,

A good quality product and fantastic customer service! It doesn't get much
better than that. I'll be sure to recommend Brolly Sheets to my friends and
mothers group.

Yvette, NSW. Nov 2009

Thanks so much - we received the sheet while on holidays in Qld and it saved
so much washing! Really appreciated the quick delivery too. We wish we'd
discovered the brolly sheet earlier!

Please feel free to use this as a reference  - I'm a convert.

Katie, Melbourne.

Just wanted to say thank you for the speedy postage of my purchase. My daughter Matisse was delighted to get a parcel addressed to her and her big brother was just as excited to read the letter to her and tell her what a big girl she is to not be wearing nappies anymore. Love the product. I have had simliar items before but none were as big/snug fitting as yours. Thank you again. Regards, Jo Grant, QLD, Australia, June 2009

Hi Diane

I placed my order on thurs last week and the Brolly Sheets arrived bright
and early on friday morning.
We have been using the brolly sheets every night since they arrived.
They have been fabulous, they save soooooooooooooooooooooo much time on
And when Kayla wakes up dry in the morning she is all smiles.

Thanks Very Very Much
Hayley, Tauranga, NZ.  June 2009

Hi Dianne

Just wanted to give you some feedback and advise that I received my
order yesterday morning, which was well in advance of my expectations.
Fantastic service, thank you.

We used both last night and it was so much easier than stripping the
entire bed!


Kylah, Victoria, Australia  June 2009

The sheet works a treat! I have been searching for many years for exactly this!

My son loves it too - it dosn't even look like a "kylie" and best of all, its very affordable! I am saving up to get another one soon.  thank you, thank you, thank you I am so grateful I found you!

Keri, NZ, May 2009

Hi Diane,

Thankyou so much for the brolly sheet's, my 5 & 6 year old are so excited
and they have not had to wear a pull-up ever since we put the sheet's on
their bed, this will sound unbelievable but this is so true, these brolly
sheet's are just magic...or maybe they are just to pretty to wee
on.....thankyou so much, from myself and my Daughter's!!!!
Deborah, NSW.  May 2009

Hi there
We recently purchased a couple of brolly sheets for our daughter.

We think they are fantastic, we have had it for over 2 weeks and she hasn’t wet the bed once! What a motivator for a dry bed.

Thanks for the fantastic, prompt service. We are sure the product works the way it is supposed to, ours has just worked in another way!

Kind regards,
Rochelle, Christchurch, NZ.  May 2009

Thanks for the very prompt service. My daughter loves the Brolly Sheet
and no accidents yet! Great quality product and service. Have passed
your flyers on to friends.

Anna.  Wellington, NZ.  April 2009

Hi Diane,

Just wanted to let you know that I received my order today.  Thank you very much for your great prompt service. My 4 year old was very impressed when she opened it up.  Kind regards,
Kym.  NSW, Australia. March 2009

The Brolly Sheets are fantastic. I have a child with special needs and have found in the past that the protectors I use feel like plastic and are very hard to dry during the winter. I have recommended them to everyone at my sons school as I know other parents of special needs children have the same problems.
Thank you,
Rachel, New Zealand, March 2009

you have made my day no more nappies YAY!!!!!!!

I received my parcel of Brolly Sheets a few weeks ago and my son Kaden was thrilled at his special big boy parcel addressed just to him. I can not recommend your product highly enough. After 6 months of trying to night train my son with pullups and other mattress protectors it has taken two weeks with our brolly sheets and just two accidents and I think we are almost there. I think a major advantage of them is the ease in which they can be changed, not only for my sanity and sleep but also because it happens so quickly Kaden gets no reinforcement for the wet bed ( my nightime visits were becoming a bit of a game when I had to strip a whole bed). My only advice would be to put more flyers in with the package I am telling everyone I know about BROLLY SHEETS.

Thankyou for your fantastic product and service

Rebecca, NSW, Australia, Feb 2009

Hi Brolly Sheet Customer Service

In total I have now purchased one of your mattress protectors, two pillow case protectors and four Brolly Sheets for my two children, and I just wanted to say what fabulous products you offer. I am absolutely rapt with your products and have recommended them to all I know.

Thank you for your fantastic service and products, you have definitely made my life so much easier!

Thanks and kind regards
Megan, Auckland, New Zealand. Feb 2009

We  received our Brolly sheets just before Christmas and were able to take them on holiday with us which was fantastic, I didn't have to worry about wet beds in the various places we stayed. We even used one in our daughters car seat "just in case" on the long trip from Auckland to Picton. She was so excited to get the package which arrived in record time, and loves her "pretty big girl sheets". We have only had a few wet beds since using the Brolly Sheets there are no leaks and we are all back comfortably in bed in minutes and PJ's Brolly Sheets and all are in the wash and no need to wash bed sheets constantly. This product is brilliant, Way to go Kiwi Mum thanks so much.
Shannon, New Zealand, Jan 2009.

Diane, i got the brolly sheets and i just needed to let you know that they are GREAT! I have already used them and saved myself loads of extra washing, time and my sanity!!.  Thanks, Irene, Australia.  Oct 2008

Hi there, I recently purchased 2 brolly sheets for my son. One white and one blue. They are a great product and have been fantastic. I wish I'd known about these years ago. The saving on washing is huge!

Cheers for the great product. 
Helen, Dunedin, NZ, Oct 2008

Hi - I have recently bought 2 sheets for my 7 year old and they are wonderful. They protect the bed but we especially love the cotton softness of the sheet and my 7 year does not get as hot as he used to when using a PVC backed sheet. 

I am an occupational therapist and work with clients who have physical disabilities and so have just passed on the info to all my colleagues for use with clients where necessary as I think you have fantastic product which is also competitively priced. Thanks so much. 
Suzana, Oct 2008

Hi Diane

I would just like to let you know that I am so glad I found Brolly Sheets and am telling all my family and friends how wonder they are. I started using the Brolly Sheets on September 21 and after just 5 nights of my son having accidents, he has now had 3 nights in a row where he has been completely dry. Even in the beginning when he was still wetting through the night, I was amazed at how absorbent they really were. There was not a single drop that was making it through the Brolly Sheet and onto his fitted sheet yet it allowed him to feel and recognize the sensation of being wet and he quickly learnt that he didn’t like it very much at all. I am also surprised at how comfortable and quiet the Brolly Sheet is and my son never once complained about his “special” sheet and it has really become just become part of his bedding without any hassle. And above all, the process has been completely stress free for me as I was not having to completely strip and wash his bed sheets every day. I absolutely love the Brolly Sheet!!!! Thank you so much!!!

Emma, NSW Sep 2008

Hi Diane, the Brolly sheets arrived today: thanks for the speedy dispatch. They look absolutely gorgeous - just what I wanted - and I am sure they will do the job. I will pin up your flyers at playgroup and creche. Thanks once again.

Karen, NSW

Hi Diane
I have been meaning to contact you for a couple of weeks to let you know how great we think the Brolly Sheets are. It is such a relief to put my son to bed at night with the confidence that, even if he does have an ‘accident’, it is an easy clean up and then we’re all back to sleep.

Thank you for your excellent service and turnaround. You have been a pleasure to deal with. Good luck for the future. 
Kate, ACT

Thanks once again for such a quick turnaround with my order - the brolly sheets just arrived. They are lovely – very good quality and they feel very nice. Regards,
Graciela, NSW.

Thank you, I have recieved the brolly sheets today, They are great... my 4 year old hasn't wet now for 4 nights(out of nappies)...I am wrapped..just having the brolly sheets on is great piece of mind.
Nicky, NSW

Just wanted to say how much I appreciate Brolly Sheets! I am 27 weeks pregnant with twins, and the last thing I wanted to do was go through the hassle and mess of toilet training our 2.5 year old son, but he was ready so it was time. When I told one of my girlfriends I was about to get rid of nappies altogether (day and night) she looked at me and said, "Are you mad?!". I must admit I wondered that myself, until my sister-in-law told me about Brolly Sheets. I seriously can't imagine toilet training any other way! Samuel has been out of nappies for over a week now, day and night. Yes, there's been accidents, but at 2:30 in the morning I am so grateful to be able to change him into new pyjamas, replace the Brolly Sheet and be back in bed within 5 minutes. They are a great product and I have recommended them to all my friends. I'm so glad I bought 3! He's getting more control and more confidence every day and I have found the whole process heaps easier than I could have imagined. Brolly Sheets just took the pressure off all of us!  So thank you - feel free to share this on your website - you have a great product! In fact, towards the end of my pregnancy I'm planning on pinching one to sleep on myself...just in case my waters break in the middle of the night!!! They have endless applications...
Karen, NSW.

Hi, I recieved the brolley sheet i ordered yesterday and we used it last night. it was a god send. My daughter is 6 and has been toilet trained during the day since she was 2 but then refused to wear nappies at night so has been wetting the bed for 4 years, every night. She also has Autism and is very sensitive to certain things against her skin, as she does not sleep in any Pjs we have to be careful what sheets we use and she went to sleep no worries on her brolley sheet and for the 1st time in 4 years i did not have to wash all her bedsheets.
Thankyou we have tried so many different things and this is the only one that has worked so i have ordered 3 more. We are also travelling Overseas soon and will use it on the plane to put on her seat in case she falls asleep and it wont matter if she has an acccident as we can just change the sheet and her seat will be dry. Thankyou so much,
Kate, VIC

"Hi thank U.  We R. more than delighted with the quality of your product, they R. whisper quite to sleep on and my girls love the bright colours. We haven't had any accidents yet but I'm sure when we do we'll appreciate the ease of replacing the soiled brollysheet with a new one instead of changing the entire bed linen. We also purchased your pop grips (another FAB idea). So thankU for making our
lives a little easier."
Lisa (Mum to Jaymee & Baylee), NSW

"I just wanted to let you know that I’m so thrilled with the Brolly Sheets that I ordered. The 3 Brolly Sheets have already been washed a couple of times since they arrived 4 days ago. They are a great design, love the colours and they wash and dry so easily. I wish I’d bought them a couple of years ago, it would have saved me so much washing! Many thanks."
Gaye - VIC

"I received the brolly sheets I ordered thank you very much. My son was thrilled when we made up his bed and put his new sheet on. Unfortunately he didn’t go dry but the ease of changing his bed and the lack of washing was wonderful. The promptness of service was amazing, I have never experienced better. Thank you again and fingers crossed my son goes dry at night soon." Sallie - TAS

"Have received the sheets, they are FANTASTIC. I am so pleased that I got the three as the cold weather is making for lots of bed wetting!!!!. You have a truly great product and have told heaps of people about them."
Rachel - NSW

"Thanking you for your fantastic products. The Brolly sheets are excellent and a few of my friends are using them now also and think the same."
Cathy - VIC

"I recently purchased 3 of your fantastic brolly sheets. Thank you very much they are great. My son wets the bed all the time, sometimes even 3 to 4 times a night and you can imagine how frustrating this was getting for me. Thank you so much again, please email any more new products you will be making in the near future as I will most likely purchase more"
Rebecca - VIC

"I just wanted to tell you "THANK YOU" not only was your service impeccable (i still cant believe how fast i got the items) I am also pleased to tell you that I don’t know why but my son went from wetting the bed every second night sometimes every night for the past year or so, to not wetting the bed at all. I know that brolly sheets do not cure bed wetting but I think that having it there takes a big weight and pressure off my son and therefore making him have a relaxing and worry free sleep knowing that if he does wet the bed its not a "big deal" anymore. I am and have definitely spread the word of your wonderful product, I wish you well in your future projects"
Susana - NSW

"Great Product! I have had great success with the brolly sheet. It has certainly made waking in the night quicker and easier and my daughter goes back to sleep so much faster without the fuss of having to change the whole bed. Thankyou. I have referred many of my girlfriends whom are getting to the ‘out of nappy stage’ for nighttime. The brolly sheet certainly takes away that nervousness and frustration of nighttime wetting. Fortunately it gives my daughter more confidence and she has only wet the bed twice since Jan 07 since starting the ‘no nappy’ sleep time. Thankyou"
Fiona - VIC

"I picked the sheets up from the post office today, thank you so much for filling my order so promptly and the sheets are fantastic. I put one on my daughters bed tonight and when she got in she said, “mmmm mummy this is so comfy” Thanks again"
Sharon - NSW

"Thank you for an outstanding product. Every parent needs at least 1 Brolly Sheet."
Natalie -Ebay

"Just a note to say how pleased I am with your product, it is so easy for my son to strip his bed and get back to sleep, he doesn’t need to wake me at all. The bonus is that it really is waterproof, all the others that I have tried have been a waste of money". Sheryl

"Just a quick email to say thank you very much for the fast delivery of your brolly sheets and to say how fantastic they are, my 3yr old daughter has now stopped wetting the bed and that’s because of your brolly sheets. I would also recommend any one wanting to buy them to buy at least 2 or more. Thanks again."
Kristie - Moora WA

“Thank you very very much for such fantastic communication and speedy delivery. I received my order today after only placing the order last Thursday.” I will gratefully hand out the flyers to my mothers group, I’m sure they will also like them. Keep up the great service and gorgeous products. Thanks again”.
Cathie - VIC

“I just wanted to let you know that we received the wonderful Brolly Sheets and they are working great – will pass the word along to anyone I meet and thanks very much for your help etc. Take care and good luck with your great product, Regards “ Mary-Elizabeth – Singapore.

"The Brolly Sheet for Michael is brilliant! I haven't washed his sheets yet for 4 days in a row!!!! Just wash the new blue sheet and occasionally the top sheet. It is so nice not having to strip the bed every day. (I know it is a minor thing, but it's just one less thing to do...) The new sheet has a serious section of thick plastic, more like hospital grade - so nothing is ever going to leak through and it is very strong. I wish I had found this years ago. Thanks so much."
Karen - ACT

"Brollysheets are just brilliant and so much easier to change the brollysheet in the middle of the night rather than strip the whole bed - I would recommend having two"
Victoria - Auckland, New Zealand

"The Brolly sheets are fantastic and I love the idea of not having to change the whole bed if accidents do occur. My daughter made the decision that she was ready to go through the night without nappies or pull-ups and luckily I was prepared as I bought my sheet a couple of months ago. As she shares the room with her 8 month old sister, it's so reassuring to know that I only have to change the brolly sheet should she have any accidents in the middle of the night"
Yem - New Zealand.

"Hi there, I just wanted to write to tell you how wonderful your Brollysheet is. I have a 2yr old girl who is a bed wetter. I have had my fair share of sleepless nights, ripping off bed sheets and changing them, spending the next day washing them all and trying desperately to dry out the mattress, in the vain effort of having to go thru the procedure several more times each week. Then a friend told me about your product, and wow, how easy is it to take off and replace with no fuss and have everyone back in "their own" beds minutes later. A time saver, a sleep saver and a sanity saver. Thankyou."
Kathie - QLD